I hope you’re enjoying looking through all my galleries. I like to photograph a wide variety of subjects, it keeps things interesting!

I like to think I got my interest in photography from my Grandpa Gorgo (there’s a funny story behind the nickname, ask me about it sometime). He traveled the world shooting slides of his adventures. I have a whole military trunk full of all his slides, from Montana to Peru to Paris to the Galapagos Islands. I hope I’m a better photographer than he was though; he used to sneak store bought slides into his slide shows to make them look better! Plus, about 60% of his photos were of buffalo…

I got my degree in Art Photography from Syracuse University. After college, I worked for a studio in Naperville, assisting at weddings and doing Photoshop work. Since I had my daughter Violet (half my studio name, Rose was my grandma) I’ve branched out on my own, photographing anything people will let me! I love shooting family portraits and children.

I also have experience doing fashion photography, fashion shows and boudoir photography. 

Any questions? Please email me at [email protected]. I’d love to discuss any ideas you have! Click here to download my price list.